The BarBeCube Signature Series

Go Small. Go Big. Go However You Want.
With the BarBeCube Signature Series, Go Home with a semi-custom approach to outdoor grilling.

The BarBeCube Signature Series allows the true grilling fanatic to choose how they want to utilize their outdoor grilling space. From the smallest of spaces to the largest, you now have the option to build your outdoor grilling space to fit YOUR needs. This is done through carefully combining together our modular series of small grilling tables, or as we refer to them, “Cubes.”

The BarBeCube Signature series builds itself around three Cube units. These units include the Original Cube, the Cube42, and the Cube Stacker. For those with limited space, such as a small patio or lanai, you may find that the Original Cube or the Cube42 may individually fit your needs. If you have a much larger space, however, such as a large patio, or backyard, you may find an outdoor kitchen may be more applicable. By carefully grouping our Cubes together, you can develop your own semi-custom outdoor kitchen. Limited Budget? No Problem. This modular series allows you to build your kitchen as you obtain the financial means. Simply add as you go!

In addition to the versatility of the Cubes, there are many options to go along. Choose between shelves and drawers as a means to store items within your cubes. Furthermore, we will always be introducing new Cubes and options for years to come. This means we will always have something new to present to help enhance your grilling experience.

Each Cube within the BarBeCube Signature Series includes our signature two-tone design, featuring the elegantly grained hardwood, Sapele, which is then accented with two beautiful ribbons of Maple that stretch throughout the table.

To learn more about each Cube individually, please click through each product to see which Cube and/or Cubes could work best for you!

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Our Products

The table comes equipped with four heavy-duty casters, all of which are supported by stainless components.

The Gulf Stream Pro maintains our signature two-toned design, featuring Sapele and maple. But also accented with Purple Heart for an additional elegant touch to the over all craftsmanship and beauty.

This Cube can be fitted to multiple sizes of the BGE Smoker as well as fitted to a Yeti Tank Cooler.

The Cube42 can be fitted to multiple sizes of the BGE Smoker as well as fitted to a Yeti Tank Cooler.

The Cube Stacker is the companion piece for the other two Cubes, both the Original Cube and the Cube42.

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Handling Guide

To ensure your grilling table lasts the longest time possible, covering your grilling table when it is not in use is definitely your best option. Even though our tables are built to withstand the elements of both rain and sunshine, weathering can still occur over time if proper measures are not taken to reduce its effects.

Care Manual

BarBeCube is proud to stand behind its quality line of grilling tables and various accessories through offering a Limited One Year Warranty.